GVBD State Events


The GVBD Weekend Match & Pennant Committee are pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 State Men’s Pairs played on Sunday 8th December 2019.

Brad Orr & David Daws, GVBD State Pairs Winners 2019.

The 2017/18 Season Pairs Champions (Nichols & Nichols) played last years champions (Orr & Daws) in the final at  Euroa Bowls Club. The standard of this game was very high and the greens were running true on both sides. Shepparton Golf had a lead of 16-13 going into the last end and with Nichol’s holding shot. Orr proceeded to drive the jack into the ditch and made it very hard for the Father and Son duo to pick up a 3. Daniel delivered a great bowl with his last to have two bowls closest to the ditch, but it was not enough and the Shepparton Golf pair succeeded in winning a back to back title of GVBD winners of the Men’s Pairs for 2019/20 season.

A particular thanks to Euroa B.C. for hosting this event, their Greenkeeper (Ken Sutcliffe) for preparing the greens, ground staff for their incredibly picturesque surrounds and the kitchen staff for providing the men and volunteers with lunch.

These events could not be conducted without the volunteer Umpires who give of their time. Therefore a big thank you to Corey Dingeman for his time and expertise.

On behalf of the Weekend Match & Pennant Committee

(Chairperson), Brian Nisbet: Kevin Cox: Shane Walshe and Stu Florence.

and GVBD Director – Weekend Match – Rob Sceney.

Details of the final rounds are shown below.