GVBD State Events

Ladies State Triples

The Ladies State Triples were played at Mooroopna Golf over the last couple of days.

The Section Winners were:

Section 1. –  Dianne Downie, Lyn Nicholson and Maria Warner from Hilltop

Section 2 –  Marilyn Cox, Janis Delmenico and Josie Michelin from East Shepp

Section 3 –  Sue Tyson, Jenni Hill and Marg Thorne from Shepp Park

The East Shepp team got the bye and went straight into the grand final.


The Semi-Final was played between Hilltop and Shepp Park in a very tight dual. On the last end Hilltop was 14 and Shepp Park 15.
Hilltop was holding 2 shots and Marg Thornes last bowls came down and took kitty back to them for 2 shots and the win.

Sue Tyson, Jenni Hill and Marg Thorne

The Grand Final between East Shepp and Shepp Park was another thriller. Shepp Park got an early break, then East Shepp came back and took the lead. On the last end the scores were East Shepp 12 to Shepp Park 11.

The last end was another thriller with the head changing a couple of different times.  Shepp Park came out the victors claiming 2 shots on the last end.


A big thank you to Mooroopna Golf for their hospitality over the last 2 days and thanks to our Umpire Rob Brent for giving up his time to help us out.
A special thanks to all the bowlers who entered the event, there were some great matches played.


On behalf of the Midweek Match Committee Jean Sprague, Dianne Hands, Lyn Nicholson, Sue Moreton, Marilyn Cox and Grace Kenworthy.