BV Smoke Free Policy


Just bringing to your attention the latest  BV  Smoke free policy.  Please when you have time   have a read. It  does not effect  pennant   however it states  clearly that:

 ‘This policy applies to players, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff, contractors, visitors and host Clubs during BV governed events (excluding Pennant) and applies to electronic cigarettes, shisha tobacco and traditional cigarettes.’


 ‘Whether they are acting in an official BV capacity or not, any player, coach, official, volunteer, staff, contractor or visitor during a BV governed event are not permitted to smoke within the grounds of the bowling Club or within 10 metres of the perimeter of the Club.’


John Roberts


Bowls Victoria State  Umpiring Committee


Attachment:  484E79DB-5056-BD3F-FE19DA443287DD4B.pdf