Pennant Results Recording

On behalf of the Goulburn Valley Bowls Division (GVBD) I advise that commencing from the continuation of both the Weekend & Midweek Pennant in 2019 Clubs are no longer required to fax their pennant result sheet to the Pennant Recorder (Freda Clement).

All pennant results are to be entered electronically by each Club Pennant Manager of the day, BUT each Club is requested to retain their hard copy for reference purposes in case there are any queries.

Each Club is asked to please ensure all your Pennant Team Managers for both Weekend & Midweek Pennant are advised of these changes.

The Board also wishes to acknowledge the outstanding contribution provided by Pennant Recorder -Freda Clement over several years in retaining pennant records for both Weekend and Midweek pennant.


James McLeod

GVBD Chairman

9th January 2019