Manager Duties and Responsibilities – Goulburn Valley Bowls Division Inc


The Side Manager needs to be competent in all aspects regarding the Manager’s duties and should be carefully chosen for the role by the Club. The Manager is responsible for;

  • The draw for rinks, following the correct procedure
  • Writing the names of all players including the correct spelling of names on both the scorecards and the Team Sheet
  • Completing the Team Sheet correctly with all sections filled out in full
  • Ensuring that scores are correct and points are allotted accordingly
  • Notification of results shall be arranged by the home Side Manager and sent to the relevant pennant recorder at the completion of the game.
  • Should be familiar with the Pennant rules
  • Acts on the Sides behalf whenever any decision has to be made under any Laws and rules
  • Is responsible for determining the application of the inclement weather rules
  • The Manager cannot be the Umpire on the day
  • Ensure that Team Sheets are sent to the correct Pennant recorder for all games including byes, forfeits and abandoned games

The Manager’s role is an important one and in recent years there have been many mistakes made with Team sheets, result notification and interpretation of the Rules.

Due to repeated requests for more accuracy with Team Sheets and results notification being ignored, the GV Executive has decided that failure to comply with any of the requirements for filling out the Team Sheet and results notification, will result in the defaulting Side being penalised with either a loss of points, a fine or both. Therefore it is in the Sides best interests to appoint a person who is competent to the role of Manager.  

Refer to the Handbook – Rule 18 – Results Notification – Page 97.