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GVBD Men’s Singles Report for Day 1

The GVBD Men’s Singles Day was held at East Shepparton On Sunday 8th November. It is wonderful to have such a magnificent complex in our Bowls Division. East Shepparton and in particular Kevin Cox are congratulated on the organisation and the running of the day. Even the weather was on their side. We also thank the umpires and the markers (including players who unfortunately lost earlier rounds) for giving up their time and doing such a great job.

The entries were excellent with over 40 players vying for the coveted position of GVBD Singles Champion.

The standard of the bowls through out the day was excellent and appreciated by those who were lucky enough to see them.

Congratulations to Jeff McNaughton, John Stokes, Rob George, Daniel Nichols, David Daws, Josh Warren, Paul Nichols and Matt Robertson for winning through to the last 8. The next rounds promise to be even better than last Sunday.

The next rounds of the GVBD Men’s Singles will be held on Sunday 15th at East Shepparton. Players need to be there for a 9:15 Roll up and a 9:30 Start.




Rob Sceney


On behalf of the WPMC

Kevin Cox, Stu Fleming, John Stokes and Paul Becroft