Josh and David Cartwright, Men's State Pairs winners
GVBD State Events

GVBD State Men’s Pairs – FINAL results

Two father and son duos faced off with Hill Top’s David (Denzel) & Josh (Pockets) Cartwright defeating Shepparton Golf’s Wayne and John Gribble in a well fought out final 16/12.  Congratulations go to Josh as well being the youngest male at 14 to win a Goulburn Valley Bowls State Title as well as it being his first.

Josh is a member of the GV Devils Junior squad.

In previous knockout rounds the Cartwright’s defeated Brad Orr and Mack Trewren by 1 shot.

George and McInnes defeated David Daws and Kris Ferguson.

The Gribble’s defeated Darren Kelly and Jeff Anselmi.

Brothers Brendan and Nick Boyd had an easy win over another father and son combo in Daniel and Paul Nichols.

In the semi-finals the Gribble’s defeated the Boyd’s and the Cartwright’s defeated George and McInnes.


Thanks to Stanhope BC for their facilities during the event (and the wind) with the greens running very well, as well as Lee Farrell for umpiring (aided by Gordon Nash).  


Rob Sceney – Director on behalf of the WPMC Stu Fleming, Kevin Cox, John Stokes and Paul Becroft