Notice of Inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Goulburn Murray Bowls Region

Goulburn Murray Bowls Region Clubs


I advise that the Inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Goulburn Murray Bowls Region will be held on Monday 24th May at Shepparton Park Bowls Club commencing at 11.00am. Clubs are requested to have their 2 Delegates (or representative/s) in attendance as per the Constitution we must have 30 of the 37 clubs in attendance for a quorum.

In the new Goulburn Murray Bowls Region Clubs are the members and do the voting at Annual and Special Meetings!

The main item on the agenda will be the Election of the new Goulburn Murray Board which will Administer and Finance the new Region and it’s 2 playing areas (Goulburn Valley Bowls and Murray Bowls).



14.1 Composition of the Board

The Board shall comprise of where possible:

  • nine (9) elected Directors with a minimum of four males and four females where possible who shall be elected under Clause 15; and
  • two (2) appointed Directors who may be appointed by the elected Directors in accordance with Clause
  • A Director can not also be a Delegate.
  • For Regions with multiple Playing Areas, The Board shall comprise up to nine (9) Directors and each Playing Area must have at least one representative on the Board for the Board to be properly constituted.


  • Where there are two (2) playing areas:
    1. A minimum of four (4) Directors from each Playing Area can be elected or appointed to the Region Board at the same time. For the avoidance of doubt four (4) persons from the same Playing Area can serve as a Director at the same time.”


14.2    Election and Appointment of Directors

  • The elected Directors shall be elected under Clause 15.
  • The appointed Directors may be appointed under Clause 16, and if appointed, where possible, one will be male and one will be female.


The Board will appoint a President, Deputy President, Secretary and Treasurer from within the 9 member Board as well as the playing area sub-committees who will organise their respective Pennant, State Games, Greens, Umpires etc Committees as has been the case previously.


Find enclosed;


  1. Constitution
  2. Regulations including Terms of Reference for Committee Positions
  3. Board Nomination Forms (close 12th May)
  4. Committee Expression of Interest Forms (close 12th May)


Pennant Side nomination forms will be distributed in the near future by the new Board and decisions as to where nominated sides play will be made by the particular Playing Area Pennant Committees as has been the case in the past, NO DECISION HAVE BEEN MADE by the Working Party, it is not our area of responsibility.

We need your support in receiving Nominations for ALL Board and Sub-Committee positions by the closing date of 12th  May 2021to the Working Party Secretary at;  and ask that you please forward a copy of this email to your members for their consumption and input, noting that Nominations

I am available to discuss any items relating to this or other matters at any time so please feel free to give me a call or email me.


Stephen McGregor


Goulburn Murray Working Party