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State Mixed Pairs Results

I am delighted to announce the winners of the State Mixed Pairs Championship for 2019 with both the Semi Finals and Finals being played at East Shepparton Bowls Club. In the Semi Finals Daniel Nichols and Stacey Collier played a challenging game and finally defeated the duo of Rob George and Barbara George, from Kyabram BC  (Only in Bowls could we see this wonderful opportunity of mother and son playing together).  Also in the semi-finals a rigorous tussle was had between Kevin Gilbert and Jean Sprague (Rushworth) defeating Paul Nichols (Shepparton Park) and his partner Lyn Barber (Mooroopna Golf).

The final playoff between the dynamic duo of Stacey Collier and Daniel Nichols against Jean Sprague and Kevin Gilbert was of the highest calibre of play to be seen. The full repertoire of bowls shots were delivered with finesse by both couples.

We would like to acknowledged the East Shepparton BC and their team of volunteers who prepared their greens and facilities. The ladies in particular kept the players well-nourished and provided treats for all in the form of ice-cream and topping.

A huge thank-you to the two umpires, Maureen Shepherd and Donna Meola who oversaw play on both days that the tournament ran. It needs to be recognised that their role as umpires is a tireless task with very little reward.

Without the efforts of our umpires in the GV these events could not be run.

The atmosphere of the semi’s and the finals was made by many spectators. A big thank you to family, friends and club members. I’m sure the players appreciated your support. Well done to all participants who entered the event of the State Mixed Pairs for 2019, especially to the Champions Stacey Collier and Daniel Nichols of East Shepparton BC.

On behalf of the GVBD Weekend (Saturday) Match & Pennant Committee , (Chairperson); Brian Nisbet: Stu Florence: Kevin Cox and Shane Walshe.

Rob Sceney

Director – Weekend Match


Kevin Gilbert, Daniel Nichols, Stacey Collier and Jean Sprague


Daniel Nichols and Stacey Collier

Daniel Nichols and Stacey Collier from East Shepparton Bowls Club have taken out this year’s State Mixed Pairs title.

State Mixed Pairs 

DATE: 10th NOVEMBER 2019
Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
Justin Spedding        14
Daniel Nichols           21 Daniel Nichols           24
Daniel Nichols           20
Rob Sceney      13
Rob George      23 Rob George      13 Daniel Nichols 
Stacey Collier
Wayne Gribble      16 East Shepparton
Paul Nichols       18 Paul Nichols       16
Kevin Gilbert      8
Kevin Gilbert
Kevin Gilbert      20