Bowls Club Management

Bowls Victoria is striving to develop strong viable Clubs, and part of being a strong
viable Club means identifying issues and responding proactively. This list of 10
Common Issues aims to help Clubs identify with their current or looming challenges
and offers guidance and links to resources to address them.


The list does not necessarily represent the issues that all Clubs are experiencing,
and most Clubs will already know their biggest challenges or issues. Rather, the list
identifies common issues that Bowls Victoria receive most queries on from its member

Clubs are encouraged to consider if these issues are relevant to their Club and
whether or not the processes and systems are in place to address them. If not, then
what strategies, policies, practices and procedures need to be developed to overcome

This document offers a few key recommendations for each topic with links to external
resources to provide more in-depth guidance freely available online.

Clubs are encouraged to use this list as a starting point for initiating discussions within
the Club and setting priorities for improvement.

Bowls Victoria staff and the Bowls Australia Regional Bowls Managers are available to
help as Clubs explore these issues and the actions to add value to their Club.

The full document is available for download here https://www.bowlsvic.org.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/02/BV-Region-Visits-2019-Bowls-Club-Management-FINAL.pdf