GVBD Bulletin 23 March 2020



Goulburn Valley Bowls Division (GVBD) Chairman (James McLeod) and Fellow Board Members forward this bulletin to all GVBD Bowlers providing an update what is happening for the balance of 2019/20 Season and the commencement to 2020/2021 Season.


Broadcasts from Bowls Australia, Bowls Victoria, Central Goulburn Murray (CGM) Bowls Region and the GVBD have all forward correspondence in relationship to the postponement and cancellation of bowling programs and events due to the impact of the Coronavirus Crisis.

All Clubs are asked to please ensure their Bowling Community are updated with these important broadcasts and others as they come to hand.


The following meetings have been cancelled as follows: –

GVBD General Meeting (Club Representatives) to be held Monday 6th April 2020 at the Tatura Bowls Clubrooms – CANCELLED.

GVBD Annual General (AGM) Meeting to be held on Wednesday 6th May 2020 at the Tatura Bowls Clubrooms commencing at 10.00am.   POSTPONED.

Refer all Clubs to the Minutes of the last GVBD General Meeting held at Tatura on the 3rd February 2020, where Clubs moved and seconded a motion for the GVBD General (AGM) Meeting to be held during the day NOT at night. (Reference to GVBD General Meeting Minutes – 3/2/20 – copy can be located on the GVBD Website for reference).

In reference to the GVBD Annual General (AGM) Meeting the GVBD Executive Board have postponed this meeting until Wednesday 16th September 2020 commencing at 10.00am at the Tatura Bowls Clubrooms.

At this meeting the GVBD Executive Board will present the various 2019/20 Season GVBD Awards.

Clubs are asked to please ensure your Award-Winning Players OR Club Representative is available to accept these award/s on the day.


The GVBD Annual Presentation Evening to be held on Monday 27th April 2020 has been cancelled for 2019/20 Season.      CANCELLED.

The GVBD Executive Board advise the successful “Expression of Interest” in the holding and catering of this evening was to be Shepparton Park Bowls Club at a cost of $25-00 per head.                                          NOW CANCELLED.

The GVBD thank both East Shepparton Bowls Club (their cost per head being $28-00) and Shepparton Park Bowls Club for both forwarding “Expression of Interest”


GVBD AWARD WINNERS for 2019/20 Season:

State Men’s 60 & Over – Rob Sceney (Kyabram)

State Women’s 60 & Over – Jean Sprague (Rushworth).


State Men’s 60 & Over Pairs – John Dagger (S): Peter Lawer (Shepparton Golf)

State Women’s 60 & Over Pairs – Lyn Barber (S): Sheryl Emmett (Mooroopna Golf)


State Men’s Singles – Josh Warren (Shepparton Park)

State Women’s Singles – Olivia Cartwright (Kyabram).


State Men’s Pairs – Brad Orr (S): David Daws (Shepparton Golf).

State Women’s Pairs – Di Hands (S): Kate Bush (Shepparton Park).


State Mixed Pairs – Daniel Nichols (S): Stacey Collier. (East Shepparton).


State Men’s Triples – Brad Orr (s): David Daws: John Hallum (Shepparton Golf).

State Women’s Triples – Marg. Thorne (S): Jenni Hill: Sue Tyson. (Shepparton Park).


State Men’s Fours – Brad Orr (S): David Daws: Wayne Dagger: John Dagger. (Shepp. Golf).

State Women’s Fours – Bev Cahill: Cathy Dudley: Bev Thorne; Sue Tyson. (Shepp. Park).


State Men’s Ch. of Ch. Singles – Daniel Nichols (East Shepparton).

State Women’s Ch. of Ch. Singles – Jean Sprague (Rushworth).



State Men’s Fours:

Won by GVBD – Team: Brad Orr (S): Col Power: Wayne Dagger & John Dagger (Shepparton Golf).


State Women’s Fours:


Won by GVBD – Team: Bev Cahill (S): Cathy Dudley: Bev Thorne & Sue Tyson (Shepparton Park).


State Men’s Singles:


Won by Murray – Ray Emerson (Barooga).


State Women’s Singles:


Won by GVBD – Olivia Cartwright (Kyabram).


State Men’s Triples:

Won by GVBD – Team: Brad Orr (S): David Daws & John Hallum (Shepparton Golf).


State Women’s Triples:


Won by Murray – Team: Marj McDonald (S): K. Baldacchino & C. Dunne (Cobram).


State Men’s Ch. of Ch. Singles:


Won by GVBD– Daniel Nichols (East Shepparton).


State Women’s Ch. of Ch. Singles:


Won by GVBD – Jean Sprague (Rushworth).


State Men’s Pairs:

Won by GVBD – Team: Brad Orr (S) & David Daws (Shepparton Golf)


State Women’s Pairs:


Won by GVBD – Team: Di Hands & Kate Bush (Shepparton Park).


State Mixed Pairs:


Won by GVBD – Team: Daniel Nichols (S) & Stacey Collier (East Shepparton).


Novice Singles:  


Men’s Novice Singles Winner – GVBD Ashley McDonell (Tatura)

Women’s Novice Singles Runner-Up representing GVBD was Sandy Thomas (Mooroopna)


GVBD 2019/20 PENNANT Season:

All GVBD Clubs & Bowlers congratulate all 2019/20 Midweek and Weekend Pennant Grand Final Winners: –

MIDWEEK:  Division1 – (Edna Harling Shield) – SHEPPARTON GOLF.

                        Division 2 – SHEPPARTON PARK.

                        Division 3 – SEYMOUR.

                        Division 4 – SHEPPARTON GOLF.

Division 5 – DOOKIE


WEEKEND:  Division1 – (Allan Matheson Shield)SHEPPARTON GOLF.

                         Division 2 – TALLYGAROOPNA.

                         Division 3 – RUSHWORTH.

                         Division 4 – TALLYGAROOPNA.

Division 5 – SEYMOUR.

                          Division 6 West – STANHOPE.

Division 6 East – EUROA.


How lucky were the GVBD being able to complete all their Pennant Finals prior to the Government’s changes introduced with the impact of the COVID-19 Virus?


We must congratulate and sincerely thank both Midweek & Weekend Match & Pennant Committees for their 2019/20 Pennant Programs, draws, holding of finals and chosen venues.


The GVBD Board are delighted to see the benefit of the GVBD Clubs Pennant Teams of 8 Clubs in a Division over the 14 Week draw. It is great to see such an expansion of winners especially noting the number of small Clubs.  Well done to all.




The GVBD Executive Board and following consultation with all Clubs confirm the following changes to 2020/2021 Season Midweek Pennant.

  • Midweek Pennant – will be an OPEN
  • NO Survey OR Restrictions will now not be required.

IMPORTANT Message to Clubs:


We ask Clubs to take on board this important message for the coming 2020/2021 Season.


The GVBD Executive Board and following consultation with all Clubs confirm the following outcome in reference to Promotion & Relegation for 2020/2021 Season.


Club Premiers – Promoted.   Bottom of the Ladder – Relegated.



Both the Midweek & Weekend (Saturday) Match & Pennant Committees will decide upon the merits of the promotion and relegation with the following adjustments which will have to be taken into consideration for the coming 2020/2021 Season.


Midweek – Division 1 -Bye & Disbanding Shepparton RSL Bowls Club.

Weekend – Disbanding Shepparton RSL Bowls Club and Division 6 West & East.


We trust Clubs will understand these adjustments being faced by both Match Committees.




Please make sure your Club is thinking about the structure of your Pennant Sides for the 2020/21 Season as soon as possible.


The Midweek & Weekend Match & Pennant Committees will be forwarding the relevant Team Pennant Form for completion in early April asking Clubs to nominate the number of: –

Midweek – 12 Player Teams & 8 Player Teams.

Weekend – 16 Player Teams: 12 Player teams and 8 Player Teams.

They are capable of comfortably putting on to the greens each week.


The GVBD recognises that we are committed to having as many people play bowls as possible in our area. With that said, it is unfair on the Players, the Clubs and the GVBD to try and patch up teams and declare forfeits each pennant week as has happened in the past season. Everything will come around rather quickly.


Both the Midweek & Weekend Match & Pennant Committees need time and support to successfully construct all Divisions for both Midweek and Weekend Pennant for 2020/21 Season so that Draws are available for Players and Clubs.




GVBD Director Coaching, Law & Umpires (Gordon Nash) and Umpires Chairman (Doug Maconachie) will be undertaking a review of GVBD Pennant Guidelines and Rules for Competition for both Midweek and Weekend Pennant for the 2020/2021 Season.


GVBD AGM – Nominations:


Nominations for the following vacant positions will be forwarded out to Clubs in April 2020 (please note the GVBD AGM is not to be held until Wednesday 16th September 2020 at this point, this may change due to the current environment issues).


The following Positions are vacant for the 2020/2021 Season: –


  • Director Administration -Secretary.
  • Director Finance – Treasurer.
  • ONE Director – Two Year appointment.

All other Directors – Jean Sprague: Bill Chilcott: Gordon Nash: & Grace Kenworthy have another year of their two term to serve for the 2020/2021 Season.



  • All positions vacant.




GVBD Webmaster (Bill Chilcott) asks all Clubs to please ensure appointed Sides Managers are trained in the use of the current BOWLSLINK Program. Clubs must take on board the importance of this roll within their Clubs and ensure if the person is untrained that appropriate training is provided.


A very important message coming from the Webmaster is the importance for Home Pennant Teams to enter their results as soon as possible following the completion of their Pennant games.


Current discussions imply the GVBD Board may have to introduce a fine for late entry of results (fine being in the reduction of ladder points), hopefully this does not occur.


Clubs please ensure appropriate steps are introduced for the coming 2020/2021 Season.



I have this morning received a response from Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) regarding Clubs and the conduct of AGM’s during the current COVID – 19 pandemic.

In summary the response was:

Clubs should continue to conduct AGM’s as they see fit.
Consideration should be given to the number of people expected to be present (most of our AGM’s would be less than 100 people).
CAV understands the difficulties at this point in time and are accommodating as required.
No plans are in place for Clubs to be penalised for late submissions.
These are exceptional circumstances.

To all Regions/Divisions………please understand this information is based on a phone discussion with CAV. I provide this information in good faith however, should your Region/Division require more formal “legal” advice I recommend that you seek this independently.



John Emerson | Regional Bowls Manager (North East Victoria)
Bowls Australia Ltd. | PO Box 52 | Northcote Vic 3070
m: 0427 522 733 | f: +61 3 9495 0194

e: |  w:



General Information for GVBD Clubs:


  • Club Advertisement – GVBD Handbook – 2020/2021 Season – Clubs to advise.
  • Club Pennant Teams – Clubs to advise. Relevant Form will be forwarded out early April.
  • GVBD to advise Clubs -Affiliation Fees for the 2020/21 Season. (Details to be forwarded in due course.)
  • BOWLSLINK Training – to be followed up – if required.



Any further updates will be broadcasted out to Clubs as they come to hand in reference to the current COVID-19 Virus situation.


To all GVBD Bowlers – please keep healthy & safe and enjoy your winter break.


On behalf of the GVBD Executive Board:


James McLeod.

GVBD & Board Chairman

23rd March 2020.